European Market-Entry Strategy for Biopharma Companies

The European pharmaceutical market offers many opportunities for U.S. and ex-EU biopharmaceutical companies. An early engagement, as well as a visceral understanding of the heterogeneity of the European market, are key to success. Partnering with EffRx Pharmaceuticals, a commercial-stage pharmaceutical company, offers various advantages to accelerate your European go-to-market.

Springboard and Accelerator for an Initial EU, Swiss or International Set-Up

EffRx is a Swiss-based commercial pharmaceutical company with capabilities and expertise to plan, facilitate and execute the go-to-market of innovative medicines in Europe and beyond (ex-US). EffRx partners can leverage our know-how in launching products, particularly our first-hand product differentiation and turnaround experience, as well as our lean and efficient infrastructure to accelerate and execute the go-to-market in Europe. EffRx can offer a tailored integrated turnkey solution which will drive the overall asset value. Further, EffRx can offer hybrid licensing approaches which provide flexibility and valuable time gain towards a later greenfield or external out-licensing, hence providing flexibility to our partners to adapt towards most appropriate European operating model as data become available.

EffRx Corporate Development Strategy

Our business strategy focuses on successfully shaping the late clinical development, approval, launch, and valorization of medicines for niche and orphan diseases.

EffRx actively seeks collaboration opportunities with small to mid-size biopharmaceutical companies not having an EU/Swiss set-up and looking to commercialize their late-stage medicines in Europe and/or Switzerland, as well as to further expand the geographical footprint of Binosto.

For our proprietary lead asset Binosto®, EffRx has established a global distribution model with reputable/distinguished companies who have extensive know-how and a strong local sales footprint.

EffRx Business Development Focus
  1. In-licensing collaboration with small to mid-size biopharmaceutical companies not having an EU/Swiss set-up and looking to commercialize and valorize their niche/orphan medicines in Europe and/or Switzerland.
    • Licensing of EU commercialization rights for niche mid/late-stage assets (Ph2/Ph3) by niche companies primarily focused on ex-EU markets
    • Co-developing late-stage molecules, e.g. leveraging US data
    • Collaborative Hybrid Go-To-Market Approaches for EU, leveraging EffRx set-up and infrastructure
    • Risk-sharing agreements, option to recover EU assets/rights

 * EffRx received an orphan drug designation (ODD) from the FDA for the treatment of adolescent PCOS.

  1. Out-Licensing of Binosto® distribution rights in LATAM and other selected territories

EffRx seeks to further expand Binosto’s footprint to countries where the product is still unpartnered, particularly LATAM distribution rights.

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