Miglustat Dipharma® 

Ensuring Miglustat Dipharma® Availability in Switzerland

Miglustat Dipharma® is an inhibitor of glucosylceramide synthase, the enzyme responsible for the first step in the synthesis of most glycolipids. The inhibitory action on glucosylceramide synthase forms the rationale for substrate reduction therapy in Gaucher disease type 1. Miglustat Dipharma® is also indicated to reduce the progression of clinically relevant neurological symptoms in patients affected by Niemann-Pick type C disease, which are considered secondary to the abnormal accumulation of glycosphingolipids in neuronal and glial cells.1

EffRx is acting as Dipharma’s® exclusive distributor for Miglustat Dipharma®  in Switzerland.

Therefore, in Switzerland, EffRx Pharmaceuticals plays a pivotal role in ensuring that this medication is accessible to patients in need. The collaboration with Dipharma® underscores our commitment to enhancing patient care and improving outcomes for those diagnosed with Gaucher disease or Niemann-Pick type C disease.

For more information, please refer to the medicinal product information published at www.swissmedicinfo.ch