Proprietary Product

EffRx created Binosto® by taking this product from start to finish, including benefit assessment, formulation development, clinical development, FDA approval through a 505(b)(2) route, licensing to and launch via commercial partners.

The approval and commercial launch of Binosto® provides an important proof-of-concept of EffRx’s go-to-market capabilities.

In-Licensed Products for Switzerland

Miglustat is an inhibitor of glucosylceramide synthase. Its therapeutic areas are Lysosomal Storage Diseases.

Bronchitol®, intended for people living with cystic fibrosis, is dry powder mannitol that is inhaled twice daily using a small handheld device.

Alkindi® is an immediate-release hydrocortisone preparation that has been specifically designed to meet the dosing needs of adrenal insufficiency.