EffRx signs distribution agreements for Binosto® in Italy, Spain and Portugal

Freienbach, February 4th 2014 – EffRx Pharmaceuticals S.A. today announced that it has signed exclusive distribution agreements with three leading local pharmaceutical companies in Italy, Spain and Portugal for Binosto® – EffRx’s innovative osteoporosis medication. Under the terms of the agreement, EffRx grants exclusive marketing authorization and distribution rights to Abiogen Pharma SpA. for Italy, Lacer S.A. for Spain, and Laboratorios Atral S.A. for Portugal.

Binosto® is the first and only buffered solution for the treatment of osteoporosis, delivering fracture-risk reduction at the hip & spine. Binosto is administered as an effervescent tablet for oral solution and offers convenience for the patient. Binosto is currently marketed in the United States, and approved in Europe and Australia; approvals in other territories are pending. Binosto® was originally developed by EffRx through an agreement with Merck & Co, Inc. granting EffRx worldwide rights to all Merck effervescent and related patents protecting alendronate.

EffRx expects the launch in these markets beginning in the second quarter 2014. Italy, Spain and Portugal are 3 major markets for osteoporosis treatment in Europe. EffRx is confident that the promise of Binosto® will also become true in other European countries with the appointment of distribution partners that have a sizeable footprint as well as in-depth understanding of their local markets.

Christer Rosén, Chairman and CEO of EffRx Pharmaceuticals said, “We are thrilled to announce the partnerships with Abiogen, Lacer, and Atral.  These partners, with their well-established sales forces, are well positioned to drive Binosto® to a market leadership position.”

EffRx is committed to making Binosto® available to osteoporosis patients around the world and is currently discussing the commercialization of Binosto® with pharmaceutical companies in other key Regions and countries.

About EffRx Pharmaceuticals
EffRx Pharmaceuticals is an innovative specialty pharmaceutical company that exploits its proprietary technology platform to create novel therapeutic entities.

EffRx strives to make existing good medicines better and thereby improve the quality of life of patients. EffRx targets improvements to leading medications, focused on tolerability, absorption, compliance and convenience, thus creating best in class products.

EffRx has established its proprietary pipeline in metabolic bone disease and pediatric medications and is presently aggressively expanding its product portfolio.

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