Business Development

EffRx is currently pursuing corporate development opportunities synergistic to Binosto to complement its pipeline, targeting late stage molecules as well as further expanding the geographical footprint of Binosto.

1.      In-Licensing late stage molecules for musculoskeletal, genitourinary and endocrine disorders for Europe (MENA/ASEAN)

    • EffRx pro-actively seeks licensing of late stage (Ph2/Ph3) assets to be further developed, approved and/or launched in Europe.
    • Co-development of late stage molecules, e.g. leveraging US data
    • Joint Ventures with ex-EU partners, leveraging EffRx set-up and infrastructure in Europe

2.      Opportunistic In-Licensing orphan products for Europe

    • In-licensing of European rights for orphan products in Phase 2/3 (EffRx received an orphan drug designation (ODD) from FDA for the treatment of adolescent PCOS in May 2014)

3.      Licensing of Binosto® distribution rights in LATAM and other selected territories

EffRx seeks to further expand Binosto’s footprint to countries where the product is still unpartnered (see Binosto® Global Footprint), particularly:

    • LATAM distribution rights
    • US co-promotion rights